Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Are ya goin to San Francisco?

Chris test-drove CC after its Freightliner repairs on Thursday December 8. Everything checked out so we hooked up the car and headed to San Francisco. We arrived during peak rush hour in the dark about
five pm.  Exciting to see the city, bridges and bay lit up and twinkling. Set up camp at the "Pacifica San Francisco RV Resort." We were situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean so it was time to open the windows and listen to the rhythm of the crashing waves again.

Headed directly to Fisherman's Wharf in the morning. Great views up the hills to the busy steep streets with Coit Tower crowning the top. Views over the bay showed Alcatraz, freighters, sailboats and fishing boats. Walked along the lane ways of shops and restaurants whose menu's bragged about their freshest crab, shrimp and seafood. Lots of Christmas decorations and lights juxtaposed with the palm trees and flowering bougainvillea. With temperatures over the 70 F. it is difficult for Canadians hard wired for cold and snow at Christmas to feel the holiday mood here.

It is often a challenge to find a place to eat when we have Dixie with us. We lucked out at "Bubba Gump's Shrimp Restaurant" of  Forrest Gump fame. The staff set up a table for us outside even though they did not formally have a patio. We relaxed in the sunshine sipping our beers and munching on shrimp tacos while Dixie lay at our feet. Star treatment by far!

When Dixie got tired we gave her dinner and set her up to nap in the car. As she went to dreamland, we went on a cable car ride uptown. I needed to sit with my booted foot but Chris stood up and "hung out" in true, San Fran tourist style. The ride was exhilarating, bumpy, loud and with the oil and burning brakes; smelly. The cable car afforded amazing views down the steep roads; across at the retro signage on restaurants, shops and laundrettes and up to views of the intricate architectural details above our heads.

The shopping courts were lit up with Christmas decorations and Macy's forty or so windows held huge wreaths with red bows and sparkling white lights. People were out strolling, shopping, or heading home from work. There are a number of "unemployed citizens" all over San Fran some asleep on the sidewalk, others more memorable: a young talented gal singing carols; a proud bodybuilder wearing only jeans and boots and flexing his shoulders and six-pack for all to admire (while passers-by wore coats, scarves and gloves); a guy in a body suit with over sized bones and skull poorly glued onto it dancing to African music for donations and a dude who crouched on the edge of the sidewalk behind a handheld green bush and jumped out at unsuspecting passersby. He succeeded in freaking out Dixie! That was for you Candace!

Rode the "clanging" trolley back down to the wharf, picked up Dixie and wandered along the piers again with its old and new neon creating a totally different atmosphere than our earlier in the day. Shared a mammoth fish and slaw dinner at a picnic bench outside the famous Sally's Fishwich shop.

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  1. The Bush Man!!!! Remind us to tell you about our experience next time we see you. It involves Curt embarrassing me at the expense of my love of Vegemite :) So glad you're enjoying SFO!