Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Spent a week in Sarasota at the "Sarasota Sunny South" RV & Modular Home campground. Visited with Clare ans Jim and Jim's daughter Laura and husband Howie at their Siesta Key Condo.

F. Fun in the sun! Spent a day at the dog-beach in Venice where Dixie swam with us in the warm waters of 'The Gulf'. Great people and dog watching with about twenty pooches of all shapes and colours playing on the beach and in the waves.

L. Lots of sites to visit. Spent a spectacular day at "The Ringling Brothers Art Museum" Buildings hold a wealth of old circus posters, wagons, calliope, clown masks, circus tricks....tight rope walk, lion taming, historical circus time line, furniture, costumes and travel stories. A grand miniature model of the entire circus: trains, tents, workers, performers, visitors, animals, practice rings, kitchens, parades can be viewed by day and night lights! A definite trip highlight! Gorgeous gardens and buildings on their acres of property.
O. Oranges and beaches. The Siesta Key Beach sand, as described in a previous blog, is unusually fine and soft Its high quartz content keeps it at a low temperature, warm in the sun but it never gets "foot-scalding" hot. Lots of terns, sandpipers, skimmers, killdeer, gulls and pelicans coasting and "rolling" along the beach and overhead. Great people watching: walkers, swimmers, lovers, joggers, jigglers and posers.
R. Retired folks. Many condos, boats, RV's, bikes, scooters, golf carts, golf courses, parks and early bird-restaurant specials for the entertainment of snowbirds and tourists. (like us!)

I. Intriguing flowers and trees. Spring flowering shrubs and gardens are richly blooming and delicately scented. Everywhere blue Iris, purple Phlox, pink Fringe trees, white Gardenia, yellow Tabebuia trees and pink, magenta and purple Hibiscus and Bougainvillea adorn streets, pathways and resorts. There are sixty six varieties of Palm Trees that grow in Florida and some larger properties have fifteen or twenty different shapes and sizes of palms in their yards. The incredible Banyan and Pepper trees are a delight to see around the state.

D. Delicious Seafood. Had a shrimp feast at a fun restaurant with Clare and Jim, Laura and Howie. A huge fish counter displayed fresh crab, shrimp, swordfish, calamari, catfish and flounder on ice.

A. All varieties of boating. Kayaks, surfboards, fishing boats, cabin cruisers and sailboats. Toured the Sarasota Bay and Canals with Clare and Jim. Live palm trees adorn the deck! Saw many seaside mansions, pools and gardens; seabirds, dolphin and boaters swimming on the sandbars in the middle of the channel.
Accompanied Clare and Jim to the airport on Saturday March 31. On Sunday, we drove up to "Lazydays",
an enormous RV Repair shop, Campground and Complex. We stayed for three days while CC got a few more repairs completed.


  1. ...sooo love the mirror pic :):)..aand am hugely envious of people watching...who me? never!..:)
    ..altho not a huge fan of circusss, would kill to see the museum!..looks like yer having a blast..and sounds soo different from most of your trip...gotta love variety!...keep 'em comin'!!!!!

  2. I love this post - so creative!! Would love to see some swimming Dixie pics!