Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Monday Monday

Continued south through rolling hills where Kudzu vines grew over the trees and bushes transforming them into giraffes, elephants and sci-fi creatures. It looked like Edward Scissor hands had been busy. Many of you have likely seen this invasive species, especially if you've travelled south from Canada to the Carolina's, Georgia or Florida. We settled into a riverside campground near Asheville,early afternoon and Dixie and I hiked along the jogging path which was busy with runners, bikes and in-line skaters. Even Dixie looked surprised to see a gal wobbling along on a unicycle. Dixie had a short river swim as the French Broad River current was strong and she was not in the mood to fight it. The paths were covered in huge maple leaves the size of dinner plates. Folks sure must know that Autumn is here when those bad boys begin dropping on their heads! Notice the penny in the photo to indicate the scale.
We drove into downtownAsheville where the historic Art Deco district has been restored. The architectural details, lamps and street sculptures were great. Early Girl southern food restaurant served up a hearty "dunch". My fried green tomatoes and goat cheese took the comfort food prize . The ric rac on the curtains was perfect for the retro restaurant interior.

Wandered the town window shopping and checking out the many small art galleries. We've seen many flatiron buildings on our travels but never one with an actual sculpture of an iron out front!

The sounds of bluegrass music drew us to an old Woolworth's Building. Inside, was a working soda fountain which provided a nostalgic blast from our teenage years. I had to challenge it's authenticity because there was no Honeydew machine! As well, there were a number of art displays of local potters, painters and photographers.

The cold winds blow as we head further south...........stay tuned.

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  1. hey!!! rik rac is a SEWING TERM!!..YOU are not allowed to use it :):)...are you missing the cold rain back home?..not even a tch?...sunday SB 14oC and sunny..c'mon back missy!!