Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Different World

I think of the Christmas and Hanuka Season as a time of sharing and giving. Many people are more generous with their charity and helping others. Yes it is also overwhelmingly commercial and it is also a painful time for many folks. I cannot fathom that all that positive energy could be so shattered as it was in Newton, Connecticut where a young man murdered his mother, six educators and twenty innocent little children. Horrific!
The flags all hang at half mast across America and hearts pump sympathy and comfort. So many questions repeat in my subconscious:How will the families ever recover? What will the future be like for their siblings? Will the other students at the school or in any school ever feel safe again? How will this impact teachers, administrators and support staff in schools? What can be done to avoid these senseless killings?
The borders of love and hate are blurred.  As we join with our own loved ones this season, I hope that we remember the lives of the 26 victims of  tragedy.

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