Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wickenburg, Away from the Winds


We spent a week at North Ranch RV Park,  just north of  Wickenburg, Arizona.  A large section of the park is a developed neighbourhood for Escapee Members(an RV Camping Discount Club to which we belong)who live there during “our” Canadian winters and some travel north in their motorhomes during the hot summer months. We saw some great looking adobe and western style homes, most featuring fabulous cactus gardens. One home even had its own miniature village and train. Dixie loved her walks there in the evenings when many families of Quail trailed about and Cottontails could be seen in groups of three-five.

_MG_8998       _MG_8817

_MG_8819       _MG_8996

The park was quiet with the exception of the Kwooo, Koooo……Koo!!!! of the Ring-necked Doves in the morning. We took many pounds of  Anza-Borrego dust  out of CC on dusters, mops and in the vacuum. We managed to catch up on our sleep away from the banshee screams of the desert gales. The park keeps a huge cactus garden with pathways for strolling and benches for tranquility. There are a couple of ancient Saguaros who stand mightily overlooking the garden and whose holes, left by the Gila Woodpeckers, now house nests of busy sparrows and finches. We were lucky to catch an amazing Jesse Cook concert one evening in town.

_MG_8999      _MG_9009      _MG_9008 see a theme here?

The temperatures are more bearable here too, in the 70’s by day so it allows better hiking conditions in the Weaver Mountains and around Vulture Peak. Saguaro cactus cover the hillsides and a few  blooming beavertail scream for attention with their brilliant fuchsia blooms. We also took a couple of car trips up some rickety old stagecoach routes that afforded great views over the valley. One can only imagine what the ride was like on the stagecoaches of old when the roads were no doubt, mush nastier than today!

_MG_8681       _MG_8694

_MG_8767       _MG_8707

_MG_8916       _MG_8944

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We had a special visit with Al, Kelly and their dog Pheebs in their recently acquired “winter” home. Residents of Ontario, they have RV'd for many years spending much of their time boondocking. Al speaks from the heart in his informative blog about their adventures.  Check it out : http://thebayfieldbunch.com              

Chris has followed Al’s blog for years, even before we “took to the road”. The practical tips, personal tales of adventure and wealth of travel knowledge have inspired Chris very much. I now follow their blog too and it was with excitement that we met Kelly and Al in person. Last year they found their dream home in AZ and wihout giving up RVing altogether, they now take smaller trips from their home. We had a lovely visit as Dixie and Pheebs enjoyed some dog-time together. They did not require any internet bond to become friends!

BB AZ House    BB AZ_Al&Kellymust check blog to see Pheebe’s cute face!

Old town historic Wickenburg who has held on to its “Cowboy” roots, was fun to explore. Figurative sculptures of folks in period costume from the 1860’s–mid 1900’s; stand about the town as do painted bronze“creatures” of the desert: Roadrunners, Gila monsters, Rattlesnakes and Black Widow Spiders. Dani and Wend should trod carefully here!  A self- guided walking tour  highlights many sights, to name a few: Railroad Engine No.761 from 1890; Vernetta Hotel, owned and run by businesswoman, Elizabeth Smith; Jail Tree, a 200 year old tree that served as the town jail from 1863-1890;Pastime Pool Hall 1893 and Etter General Store 1864.

_MG_8844     _MG_8840      _MG_8846Mrs.Smith

serenaded_MG_8865tied to the jail tree _MG_8855  

_MG_8883       _MG_8875       _MG_8885

Sculptures of  Henry Wickenburg, whose discovery of the Vulture Gold Mine, lead to the development of the town and Everett Bowman,1977, a champion Rodeo Cowboy who was elected to the Cowboy Hall of Fame, are featured in front of the handsome Town Hall.

_MG_8869      _MG_8895

_MG_8856      _MG_8891     

_MG_8889         _MG_8892

The Desert Caballeros Western Museum, is known as one of the finest museums in Arizona. We would attest to that after viewing its historic collection of paintings and sculptures and rooms displaying saddles, bridles, harnesses, cowboy and cowgirl clothing and memorabilia from western movies. There are some dioramas of western life as well as full scale home and country store. Their current exhibition was called “Cowgirl Up” and it showed an enormous number of  high quality paintings and sculpture, all created by cowgirl artists. Amazing!

_MG_8851      DSC07102

DSC07101      DSC07119    

 DSC07124       DSC07122        DSC07099

Cowgirl Up Show..oops, I took a few shots before I saw the No Photos sign…..sorry!

DSC07098       DSC07161       DSC07171

DSC07172       DSC07176Artist paints old postcards!

Within a short drive of  North Ranch Camp, are a number of interesting antique and junk shops which proved fun to browse around. All around the Sonoron Desert ,one can find lots to see and do.

DSC07192       DSC07200     DSC07218

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