Sunday, 27 October 2013

Escaping Before the Witches Fly


Autumn did arrive in a more subtle way this year. We spent many days outside enjoying the warmth and striking cloudscapes at sunset. Hiking under the colours has been grand but the fall palette was subdued this year.   

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I enjoyed designing my Christmas card outside on the picnic table, watching the chickadees, nuthatches, blue jays and chipmunk snacking on sunflower seeds. One evening by the fireside, I heard an animal’s footsteps nearby. I grabbed Dixie’s collar as her hackles went up and she let out a low growl. I knew something was close when the sensor light on the coach turned on. We headed inside as I saw a coyote run across the grass a few feet from our campsite. Exciting and scary at the same time. With less campers in the park it seems like nature is coming closer and we hear the coyote choruses extremely close each night.                                           


I participated in the Bay Studio Tour with my friend Wendy. Her paintings were favorably received and she made some sales. My work was admired but not too many folks wanted to pay for it. We had a fair turnout on Saturday and a small number of guests on Sunday, not bad considering that it rained all weekend. We met some great people and Wendy and Lachlan and I had a fun weekend.

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Wendy Storey works in oils and watercolour.  She isolates a small portion of  her own photographs for her painting compositions.  She focuses on the  light, colour and texture of her subjects.

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I created some clay eggs and painted them with the likeness of a few bird species. I build the pins using found beads and old jewelry, playing with colour and texture.



_MG_5045         _MG_5038

_MG_1992        _MG_1954

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Marilyn and Mike arrived from England in time for two Thanksgiving dinners. We had some fun family time and also got to Kleinburg to the McMichael Gallery. The Edward Burtynsky photo show was spectacular! If you do not know his work, he creates huge highly realistic photographs emotionally portraying the impact of mankind on nature. Very powerful…check them out on Google. We lunched out on the balcony of a pub and strolled past the beautiful fall flower and harvest displays in town.

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The weather has become very cool very quickly. Even sitting out at the campfire has been uncomfortable in the last week. Unseasonably early, we have had some sleet and snow but it did not stay long. Today we watched a young doe nibbling grass just outside our front window. She found some apples and daintily took small bites always nervously keeping a close watch on us. What a contrast to the roly poly raccoons that shove any food into their faces and barely flinch when humans approach! We are taking the cue from the migrating birds and are gearing up to head south. Having cleaned and done the necessary maintenance inside and outside the motorhome, we are almost ready. (Chris does the majority of this) Each day we take a few more steps at restoring our campsite to its original state. In our time at Albion, we have enjoyed visits with family and friends. We will leave for our third RV adventure with Dixie and CC next Tuesday, October 29.

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Sadly, we say goodbye to Don Coburn, whose enthusiasm for life has touched everyone he has met. Don will be missed by his wife Jane, his three sons and their families and many close family members and friends.


  1. aww sheesh...thanks for the PR :)...will miss the face time here and there with you and Chris..luckily the computer will make it seem like yer just down the road safe bestie!...hope to see you at xmas time

    1. Hi: Christmas visit a must! Ciya then xo