Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Amazing Australia April 2014 Part One: The Travellers & The Locals


The Travellers  Chris and I flew from Toronto, Ontario via Los Angeles to Sydney Australia. Marilyn and Mike flew from Manchester, England through Dubai, with a short stay in Bangkok to Sydney. Dani and Al live on Patinack Farm in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia and Dot lives in Tamworth in N.S.W.

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_MG_0230 L.A. Airport



  _MG_0251Landing in Sydney

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Meet the Characters….

Caron & Chris: Left our motorhome in storage, our dog with our nephew, the snow and ice behind.

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Marilyn & Mike: Experiencing the joy of  travel after retirement, seeking warmth and adventure.

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Dot: Born and grew up in Tamworth, Australia. Wonderful life with Ian who sadly passed away last autumn. Cheers to his memory! Raised two amazing children: Elizabeth (Liz) who lives with husband Curt in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Alastair (Al) Dani’s partner. We stayed in Dot’s lovely home, touring Tamworth and nearby sights.

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Dani & Al: Danielle has been practicing as an equine veterinarian and living in New South Wales with Al for four years.  Dani was an amazing tour host. She booked us a fantastic two bedroom condo in Sydney. We were able to prepare many meals there, do laundry and relax in the evenings. It was a two minute walk to the bus into the city and was located in the beautiful University area. We had a superb balcony view too! She also booked an incredible retreat in the rain forest and an ocean side apartment in Nelson’s Bay. Pictures and details will be posted in a future blog of the many scenic locations and eateries.

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IMG_2021     _MG_2150      IMG_2638

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Dani and Al’s work and home are closest to the town of Scone if you want to locate it on the map. The country setting is perfect for running and biking with their two four-legged children, Salty and Pretzel. Dani and Al welcomed us all into their home and toured us around the area’s many outstanding places. We feasted, rested and explored the amazing Hunter Valley.

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Having grown up in Australia, Al is an expert tour guide with great knowledge of  his country, its geology, creatures, lore  and natural wonders. Photo journal will follow later.


Salty & Pretzel: Salty is a two year old GSP (German Short-haired Pointer) who loves living on the farm, chasing birds and foxes, thrashing about in the river fetching rocks, chomping on fresh bones or playing in the backyard, snoozing on the back porch, checking the chooks (chickens) in the backyard to make sure there are no holes in the fencing; in case one might escape into his mouth, posing for photographs, leading the way in front of Dani while she runs or Al and Dani when they cycle and cuddling on the couch with his favourite people: Dani & Al.

_MG_2788   _MG_2527    _MG_2807


Pretzel was only ten weeks old when we met her and Salty’s nose was somewhat out of joint over not being consulted by Dani and Al adopting him a sister. She is from the same breeder and as all puppies, Pretzel was full of play and mischief. She had already learned commands to sit, go to her bed and stay (out of the kitchen). I enjoyed cuddling her as she sagged into a deep, puppy sleep at the end of each day. Puppies are best lap warmers ever!

_MG_1180    _MG_2544


          Note the delight and welcoming expression in Salty’s eyes as he poses with his new sister…Not!


The “characters” out and about….


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Meet the Locals….

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  1. LOVE this!!! Fabulous layout and photos! I am now homesick :(

    1. Your praise is very much appreciated! Thanks Liz love from Caron

  2. great idea w. introducing the 'characters'....dying to read post 2 now! :)

    1. Thanks for the kudos, I really appreciate them Wend! Love from Caron