Saturday, 24 December 2011

California Quirks

Many pine trees here have sparse sets of needles but huge pine cones, larger than the Jolly Green Giant's hand!

Californians claim to be very "Green" but all their restrooms, even the scuzziest, provide paper toilet-seat covers!

Roadside stands sell Local Mandarin oranges and Imported Christmas trees!

California's taxes are sky high yet the state is almost bankrupt and they are closing huge numbers of state parks!
There are more cars in this state than any other yet the roads are the most broken down and in disrepair!
Also, the intersections are the most complex and confusing!

Many oak trees have tiny leaves about 2 inches long yet produce long acorns 3 to 5 inches in length!

We love the constant blue skies and variety of geography here from snowy mountains, to sand beaches to
rough and rocky shorelines to rolling green farm hills to rich vineyards to flat dry deserts to rocky jagged cowboy-mountains!  To appreciate the quirks is one of the many benefits of travel.


  1. yyaaaa!! photos :)..the last one looks like muskoka :) relishing each word :)

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