Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Git along lil' doggies...onward to Texas!

Pushed on east. The highway ran parallel to Mexico for awhile and we could see the sad jumble of colourful run-down shacks crowded on the hills. Entered Texas where everything has a star or a bull on it. Twas a long haul through the El Paso 'bypass' that crossed miles of sprawling metropolis. We made a lunch stop at the famous "La Posta de Mesilla", where top notch Mexican food has been served since 1939. The place was really "Olde Mexican-style" with amazing tile work, folk art wall paintings and live parrots caged in a huge ornate "prison" in the main lobby.
Although the day was overcast and often rainy, the wild flowers in spring bloom, added some spirit. Blue Bonnets, the state flower; resembles a lupin but they grow low, weaving swaths of cobalt and lavender between the grasses. Yellow and white Poppies, pink Phlox and orange Lantana complete the palette. Many shrubs are in blossom with yellow, white, pink and the amazing purple, grape-scented Mountain Laurel. Bees and butterflies hover about in abundant numbers.

We stayed at a Rest Stop on our first night in Texas. We parked and opened the sidewalk-side slides. We were among many
RV's and transport trucks. We had a private picnic table and Dixie had her own patch of grass. This spot was quite adequate for those who thrive on sleeping to the sound of traffic.

Needless to say, we were up early and on the road going
east once more. We drove many hours through rain and haze
and were rewarded when we checked in to "Summit Hill"
RV Park about half way between Austin and San Antonio.
We had a secluded spot near a pond and trees with birds
singing praises to spring. After dark, we could shine our
flashlight into the meadow and see ten or more pairs of eyes staring back. The deer are very plentiful here. (In fact, I counted twenty eight dead deer along the highway in one half hour: a fun travel game that you can play too!) At night, the spring peepers and other frogs croaked their little hearts out!

Next morning was very hot and humid as we drove south to San Antonio. There are beautiful natural rivers that run through downtown where historic and new hotels, restaurants and shops line "The Riverwalk".
Dixie enjoyed the stroll; people-watching, scaring ducks back into the river and sharing our lunch on a patio cafe.

Dixie waited in the car while we toured "The Alamo". The buildings and grounds are free to the public. Some incredibly huge oak trees graced the lawns between the lovely gardens.
There are a few plaques outlining the historical relevance of the famous Alamo. The walls and walkways speak of the past.

The following day, we lined up for ninety minutes with a bunch of
food freaks. The Franklin Restaurant is famous for their Texas Bar B Que. Dining on brisket, ribs and cole slaw; we experienced the richness produced by hours of smoke and slow cooking that Texans love so much.

Continued into downtown Austin where we all enjoyed walking in the parks around Austin State Capital. Gorgeous architecture and vigorous sculptures of  numerous heroes including Davey Crockett.
Most fascinating, was the installation-in-progress of a large bronze bull being set into his place in the park.  Drove through the Soco district where funky food and
"far out" shops create a unique artsy community. You all come back now, hear?

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  1. was just going to ask you if you'd seen any fab food trucks..aaand then, saw the pic....lach and i stayed at a hotel behind the alamo...riverwalk is neat but seems like a disneyland/ kind of unreal tourist world...loved comment about counting deer :):) yer way back!!..was 21oC
    today :)..countin' daaaays