Thursday, 29 March 2012


We have been to New Orleans and made a variety of Gulf Coast stops. Currently in Sarasota Florida,
we're visiting Chris's Mom Clare and friend Jim. The beach, a short walk from their Siesta Keys condo,
has been voted the best beach in Florida.

While you wait to hear about our adventures from the past few weeks, you may want to imagine yourself on the beach!

1. Place two cups of flour in a microwave-proof bowl.
2. "Zap" the flour for 30 seconds on high.
3. Place a large towel on your most comfy place to relax.
4. Lie on the towel with the bowl of flour next to you.
5. Slip your hand through the flour (the sand here is actually that soft) and do the following:
a. Close your eyes and envision turquoise blue water.
b. Imagine sounds of gentle waves crashing and seabirds crooning.......R..E..L..A..X.......


  1. We spent a weekend at Siesta Key years ago ... lovely, soft sand. But we were there when the love bugs were swarming. They were really bad unless the light breeze kept blowing. We still enjoyed our weekend.

  2. I recall walking on the beach at Siesta Key back in the summer of 1964. My Aunt Jean, who visited us at the Arizona Ranch this year, lives on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota so have been down there a few times over the years.

  3. ...aaawww, sooo mean...but, well intentioned sure! :):)...nice change of scenery for you tho...have an umbrella drink for me..or just started to snow here :)..aand am about to b'bque ...well, it IS still march, after all...have a grand time on the beach