Friday, 24 January 2014

Same Place, New Sights

We remain in north, central Florida discovering new trails and bike paths. We continue to extend our stay here at Sumter Oaks RV Park as it strikes a balance between peacefully scenic and opportunities for hiking-biking. With low camping fees we are able to save for our April trip to Australia. We had a fun day-trip to Orlando where we met Trish, a small animal vet and best friend of Danielle’s. Our great visit oncluded lunch and stroll through the artsy, unique town of Winter Garden.                      

    _MG_8274    _MG_8291    _MG_8300

In our front “yard” Next mission….get the pileated woodpecker to face the camera. Stay tuned.

The hiking is a bit of a challenge with many deep sand paths that grab at your feet like snow, trying with vigor, to twist an ankle. As well, there are many humps and hollows and taut vines ready to trip the unwary. The sights are worth it though like the gorgeous oaks where baby ferns sprout across their branches and gaze down upon huge elder ferns below. The sculptural forms of  cypress  knees encircle the base of their mighty parents like ancient folk dancers. The woods are filled with hawks and songbirds, deer tracks and evidence of wild pigs where leaves and sand have been excavated in search of some delectable roots. 



                                                                                     There’s a fungus amongus!

_MG_8264  _MG_8289  _MG_8258

The trails wind past rivers, ponds and lakes which Dixie hones in on and demands to go swimming. We have allowed her a quick drink or two but in Florida, any body of water may contain alligators. A local confirmed this yesterday, showing us some pictures on his phone of a mammoth gator he had shot nearby.

Sorry Dixie, your Florida swimmin’ days are over!IMG_9562

We are here for another eighteen days and then will head to the ocean somewhere. We are going to book a canoe trip next week. You never know what surprises you will see in common places.



  1. well, that plan sounds pretty good...lovin the pics..natch :)
    sounds like yer both staying outa trouble...hope Dixie does too! gulp!!

  2. Hi Chris and Caron, Wanted to thank you for your comment on my first Flamingo post and to tell you I answered your questions there and am in the midst of posting about our 10 days there. Verizon is not down that far still. Only up by the Coe visitor center. I admire your being in florida with no reservations in the winter. We haven't been willing to risk it yet. Those ferns on the tree limbs are resurrection ferns. Hope to hear more from you. Sherry