Friday, 28 February 2014

Hog Island Hikes

Much time has elapsed since my last post. On our many hikes we viewed riverside tangled roots and reflections, fungi and mushrooms and falling red maple keys of spring. Frost ruined the great elephant leaves but spring has added blossoms to the woods along our bike paths. Many farms back on to the paths so we have seen our share of horses, plump pigs, geese parading, wild turkeys and peacocks.

_MG_8322     _MG_8325

_MG_8332    _MG_8338   _MG_8337

_MG_8370      IMG_8343

IMG_8350      IMG_8361       _MG_8369

We rented a canoe for an afternoon and enjoyed a great river trip. The mirrored calm surface provided fabulous reflections of the cypress roots, huge turtles, spring blossoms and many birds. Anhinga, Hawks, Kingfisher and Cardinals were plentiful.

Mid February, we finally bid adieu to our Donkey friends and headed south to The Everglades. The drive provided views of citrus groves, dairy and beef cattle farms, many lakes, flat marsh lands, irrigated vegetable plots and the always entertaining road signs.

_MG_8402     _MG_8413      _MG_8449




                        _MG_8469      _MG_8461


_MG_8425note osprey nest!             _MG_8442                     _MG_8489

                _MG_8443               _MG_8462




  1. wow!! great shapes and colours...not sure if just me...blank shot between fungii and lady liberty...i bet you miss yer donkey neighbs and dixie even more..

    1. Dixie misses the carrots that the donkeys dropped while we fed them....she always grabbed them up! I think the pics are sorted. Cheers, Caron