Tuesday, 10 September 2013

All around Tamworth


Tamworth is a beautiful town built into the hills that afford great views over the surrounding mountains. The McEachern home has a great sunroom where we often gathered for cocktails or coffee. It looks out over the town, surrounding countryside and their beautiful backyard. Misty sunrises and the warm pinks of sunsets create a relaxing mood. Ginger is huge in Australia and Ginger Beer, Ginger cocktails, preserved Ginger and chocolate -covered Ginger are often served with drinks or dessert. I enjoyed a few of these on the porch.

_MG_1734      _MG_1899

Dani & Al’s first Australian Home.                   Dot in her kitchen window.


Gardens are still filled with flowers even though it is fall. Dot has already picked and preserved olives from her backyard. Vegetables have been harvested but herbs and lemons continue to grow.  The Land Rover is the Icon of Australian vehicles. Ian has an older model that he and Al spend hours tinkering on. Al owns one as well and they both salivate when we see one of the newer models drive by when we’re out touring. The roads around their property are great for strolling and the woods up behind their home provides great daily hikes for Dot and Ian. Lovely parks with a lookout crown the top of Tamworth.

_MG_1742        _MG_1751

                       Dot & Ian’s home where Elizabeth and Alastair grew up.

_MG_1752        IMG_1754


_MG_1756        _MG_1759

_MG_1889        _MG_1894

Tamworth is famous for its annual Country & Western Festival. An architect friend of the McEacherns designed the Tamworth Tourist Centre after a guitar!  The  twelve metre high Golden Guitar is a landmark that can’t be missed by visitors. It is a replica of the 22 cm. high  awards that are presented to the Best Country Music Stars each year. The town centre is beautiful with gorgeous classic architecture, towering  trees, beautiful lampposts and flowers everywhere. I loved the many unique shop names! Students in Australia wear the classic Outback-Australian hats as a mandatory part of their uniforms. The fear of sunstroke and UV damage are of great concern there nearer the equator! Dani drove me by the Tamworth Equine Centre where she worked when she and Al first moved to Australia three years ago. We also took some shots down King George Avenue, a section of road dedicated to King George VI. Its majestic shadows create a backdrop for many advertising and wedding photos.



_MG_1904           _MG_1915



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