Friday, 20 September 2013

Marvelous Mudgee

What better way to prepare for a day trip than with a breakfast of square crumpets, yellow kiwi fruit and coffee? Our drive took us through Gulden River National Park where a basin of flat farmland is surrounded by rocky cliffs and outcroppings.


_MG_3026         _MG_3031



Our first stop was a honey hole!  As well as selling a huge variety of homemade honey such as Strawberry Cream, Iron Bark and Eucalyptus honey, the shop also sold bee pollen, anything related to beeswax and Mead: Honey Wine. We sampled everything and purchased some fabulous honey and delicious Mead.


We had a great beer tasting and lunch at the Mudgee Brewery. The setting is gorgeous: wooden beams and high metal barn roof, rustic tables set beside the highly polished copper  kettles.

 _MG_2992      _MG_2991      IMG_2989


We wandered around the town for a couple of hours checking out its Art Deco facades, brilliant parks, charming churches and archetypal Australian Hotels. We enjoyed more stunning views of the countryside as we drove home through Wallam National Park.

IMG_2923                 _MG_2961                 IMG_2925



_MG_2900         _MG_2901       IMG_2928

_MG_2957       IMG_3015       _MG_2975


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