Friday, 8 March 2019

Tripping Home from Alabama to Bayfield

Dixie insisted on heading home while there was still some snow to play in.  We left Osprey Lake Resort on February 27, a month earlier than planned.  We said goodbye to our lovely neighbours Mary and Darrell, farewell to the Ospreys and au revoir to "our" bird flocks and headed north on a glorious warm, sunny day.  How often it seems to happen that the weather is always perfect on the day you are leaving a holiday location.

Nature prevails!

Our drive, although long, was pleasant as we passed a number of familiar places.  We found a quiet RV Park an hour north of Birmingham, Alabama (Cullman Campground) where a short walk, dinner and early to bed rounded off our day.

Although the weather predictions had promised us clear roads home, we woke to a rainy day that followed us up into Tennessee and Kentucky.  The spring blossoms were a brief splendor in the morning but we were soon in wet, misty conditions as we drove north.  Our views were altered by the pelting rain on the windshield and fog-filled valleys.  We reminisced the good times we had on our two former visits to Nashville, Tennessee, especially the one where Danielle was there from Australia for a conference.  It is such a fun town.  Kentucky provided some pale Kentucky blue grass in its pastures and stud farms and around its equestrian mansions.  North of Lexington, nature's palette turned to greys and browns and temperatures dropped near freezing as we stopped for the night.

Whispering Pines RV Park, Georgetown, Kentucky

The last leg of our journey began again under grey, chilly skies.  Chris, who does all the driving, was ready for one more push towards Canada.  We luckily missed the morning rush hour in Cincinnati.  I always enjoy the 'view from a distance' of the American cities with their combination of iconic old architecture, huge churches, public buildings and industrial warehouses and rail yards or ports, blended with the modern steel and glass structures reaching skyward.  Cincinnati has a large number of "Tiny Row Houses" no wider than twelve feet, built in the mid 1800's as rental properties and now are brightly painted and renovated as tiny houses or businesses.

Some place names are so inviting!

New and old literally embrace.

Accidental capture of "find it here" above Amazon's 'phallic arrow' on the truck.


We were lucky to avoid any rain or snow all the way home and the sun even popped its head out for a few visits.  Traffic and construction slowed us in some areas and combined with a thirty minute jam over a broken down car, an hour was added to our route.  The photos show a few of our sights along the way.  We began seeing snow on the ground in Ohio.

No, I really have everything I need but I know where to turn if necessary.

A pool of green shines like an emerald in the grey landscape.

Love these old grain elevators.

By late afternoon we entered Michigan and were really weary, knowing that the last couple of hours of a journey are always the most tiring.  We arrived home as darkness fell, enjoyed a homemade dinner and retired early to dreamland.  Travel is an adventure but it's always great to be home!

Port Huron

Leave only footprints.