Wednesday, 30 November 2011

American Turkey Day

First thing to be thankful for was the weather, a splendid sunny day warm enough for folks to wear shorts and sunbathe on the beach. With the holiday, everyone was out driving California's famous highway one, strolling the beaches, building sand castles or exercising their dogs beside the surf. Drove beneath gorgeous "tunnels" of trees along the highway and through a few barely breathing small towns with quaint false-front, cowboy-town buildings. Some had great ornate wooden gingerbread between faded and peeling painted walls. Ragged palm trees, hydrangea bushes, roses and lilies bloomed aggressively beside moulding picket fences.

Stopped at many lookouts to gaze over the cliffs at the huge surf carving the sand on the beaches below. Lines of pelicans followed the surf and sea lions barked as they basked on rocks just offshore. Thankful for being here in Cali-forn-eye-aye and able to enjoy the many treasures of the shoreline.
And thankful for the feast. Managed to cook up a turkey breast, taters and greens followed by pumpkin tarts for dessert. Rain crept in again after dark and soaked everything once again. Heading south tomorrow.



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