Friday, 18 November 2011

"Bust" in Oregon

Heading south from Washington we passed a number of small farms. The parcels of land are about 1/10 of our typical farms. You'd only be able to house a few of your Holstein 'babes' here Grant & Lynne. The fields of sheep, cattle and horses provided a dose of Ontario comfort. Reminded of the Turnbull farm, we passed many decorative-tree farms festooned in fall colours; rows of salmon, orange, yellow, red and burgundy. Monty Python would have no shortage of "shrubbery" here! Another huge crop in the area is Christmas trees. We passed acres of them, many being cut, bundled and loaded onto trucks being readied for delivery. That season is lurking on the horizon.
Happy Birthday to Al!

Bad news comes in threes?!?  Monday November 14, CC was dropped off at The RV Corral in Eugene Oregon to have some major work done.  Our microwave/convection oven has been working intermittently and often not at all. RV Corral removed the old one and replaced it with a new one.
Hello Eugene and hey Vida, there is a small town near by called Vida!

ONE The next repair was to replace the front jacks. For two months now, these have been sticking in the down position and Chris has to muscle them up with crowbar every time we leave camp. There are four jacks on CC that lower when we set up camp to provide support and levelling for the RV. Chris had made approximately 12 phone calls confirming the order of the jacks which had to be sent from Tiffin and regarding RV Corral's ability to install them. HOWEVER when the jacks were unpacked on Monday, they turned out to be THE WRONG ONES!?!

TWO The major job that Chris had scheduled was a 2-3 day replacement of the "cracked rails" on CC's roof. Chris had also reserved a hotel to stay in for the duration of the repair job. HOWEVER, The RV Corral called to inform us that THEY DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH GLUE TO ADHERE THE RAILS!?!and it would take a week at least to order more adhesive.

THREE While we were waiting for CC, we hiked up "Spencer Butte Mountain". The day was overcast but the yellow leaves above our heads and the piles of them on the pathway glowed creating an ethereal golden light in the woods. The spruce and hemlock were covered in moss and as a mist formed behind them. The trees loomed in mysterious silhouettes as we neared the mountain top. Suddenly, slipping on a wet rock, Caron cascaded down the Cascade Mountain. Everything checked out except my right foot which pained and made me nauseous when I tried to walk on it. I took some time to feel better and when we descended, Chris became my crutch, helping me down the path physically and emotionally. X-rays confirmed that I had broken my foot and I am now wearing a fashionable walking cast and mastering the use of crutches. All will be well hopefully, in six weeks.

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  1. Caron...cannot believe your luck! So sorry to hear about your foot...have a good rest in the hotel and Heal.
    Are there any moose in Oregon?