Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fate or Coincidence?

October 9
Chris and I were walking Dixie beside the long line of parked vehicles while we waited to board the ferry at Horseshoe Bay. If you have a dog, you will know that dog owners create small talk with each other to take the attention away from the often embarrassing greeting methods of their pooches. We performed this ritual with a couple who appeared to be about our age and were travelling in an motor home similar to ours. Dixie was not as enamored with their two black and white spaniels as I was. We quickly moved on to more enlightening topics and they informed us that by driving the RV and car onto the ferry separately, that we could save tons of money! We also learned that they had been staying at Eagle Vista, in Squamish, the same RV Park we'd been in.  Janice and Al gave us some valuable information about camping sites and travel routes in California where they live. Very nice folks! Waved goodbye after docking in Langdale and
drove off in different directions.

Later...that same day
Chris and I were walking Dixie beside a shorter line of parked vehicles at Earle's Cove while we waited to board a smaller ferry to Saltery Bay. We were going through the same dog meets dog; owner greets owner thing when a familiar vehicle parked and two black and white spaniels get out with their owners. They recognized CC right away and came over for a chat. Al and Janice were already set up back in Langdale and were just driving around to get a feel for the area. Off they went and we boarded the ferry.

October 11
Chris, Dixie and I board the S.S.Chilliwack to Comox, Vancouver Island. The morning was chilly and overcast so we decided to have our coffee and share a sandwich inside. All the tables were full and we were about to give up at sitting when a spot cleared for us. As we gathered our belongings to head up on deck, a couple sat down at the table beside us.  Yes, it was Janice and Al!  We had a short chat and they told us that they were meeting friends at the the next port and would be travelling with them for awhile. Interesting!

Later....that same day
Chris and I had booked a campsite at Bate's Beach RV park so we drove directly there. Refer to blog entry
"Fresh and Local is Best". Directly behind us in the entrance to the park were two RVs; Al and Janice in one and their friends Linda and George in the other. They camped just down from us and we got to know them better and exchanged email addresses. We began emailing regularly with updates of our travels and campsites.

October 19
CC and company set up at Bella Pacifica Campground near Tofino.

October 23
Two familiar RVs set up camp at Bella Pacifica Campground at Tofino. Latre, caught up with Janice and Al on the beach watching the sunset over the bay. We crossed paths again the next day as we pulled out of the popular "Taco Bus" parking lot as they pulled in!  Waved goodbye again two days later as they headed off to places unknown.

October 29
Chris was driving north, back to Parksville after completing errands in Nanaimo. (No, he did not buy any Nanaimo bars when he was there.)  He saw both Southwind Motorhomes driving south. Guess who?!
Turns out they had been staying at an RV park, a short ten minute walk north of us in Parksville.

November 1
Chris and Dixie were in the RV and I was in the car waiting to board the ferry at Victoria to sail to Port Angeles in Washington. Chris called me on the walkie talkie to say "Guess who's here?!" Al and Janice and their friends were strolling about Victoria and once again, Janice recognized CC and shouted down to Chris.
We could not believe it! It was really fun being waved at from the ferry deck as we headed out into Juan de Fuca Strait. It was at that point that we realized that we needed to document the many times our paths had crossed.

November 8
Chris and I received an email from Al in which he mentioned some campsites that he and Janice often stayed at for their anniversary, July 18. Yup, you guessed it, Chris and I were also married on July 18! Crazy!?!


  1. man! you scared me...i thot you were gonna say sumthin about them getting sick/flu/food poisoning too...and then ending up in the hospital, that you'd eaten at the same place
    ....i really need to erase my nurse brain. :):)
    ..aaand that is cool when the universe reminds you it's watching! :)

  2. 11/11/11-Just made the crossing back to the US headed home to So Calif soon. Pretty rough seas due to high winds, didn't bother us, but dogs weren't crazy about it. Very easy customs checks.....more interested in fruits and veggies than anything else. We're staying in Sequim WA versus Port Townsend since we have been there several times before. We we're pleasantly surprised when we finally caught up on your blog and read about all the times we happened upon each other. It seems more strange when you see it in writing, especially the part about our wedding date! Don't suppose it was 1970? It's really been fun and will be a memorable part of our trip.....hopefully we'll meet again soon down the road......Alan&Janice

  3. Don't know how "amp" got into out name profile! Fixed now......