Friday, 11 November 2011

Oregon or Bust

Finally made it to Oregon
We are in Salem OR now at Silver Spur (yeeehaw) RV Resort. Heres our trip from Parksville on Vancouver island.

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We are sticking to the coast until we get farther south because there is cold and snow on the other side of the cascades.
We are headed for Eugene to once again get some stuff fixed on the rig including having the front jacks replaced and major roof repairs. They are also going to replace the Convection Oven and some other minor fixes. All under warranty.
Did I mention this before?
We stayed in a park near Astoria Oregon, this week where the locals were moving in for the weekend clam diggin, partys. Razor clams are the thing here and they are big with lots of meat and very tasty. There was something happening called a clam tide where the tide is super low and lots of seabed is exposed. The clammers drive out there and find the semi-burried clams with some special equipment and dig em up. Parties ensue.

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  1. Curt welcomes you to his country and your 'ultimate behemoth' :)