Tuesday, 25 October 2011



Beachcombing is different every time we go out. The beaches are always a different length depending on what stage the tide is at, the wave heights vary and the light changes the colour of the Pacific and alters the shadows cast by shells and seaweed. Dogs of all shapes and sizes run on the beach, play in the waves or dig in the sand. Dixie loves her long beachwalks and her favourite; retrieving sticks from the surf.

We hiked the rainforest trails in the rain and soaked in the beauty of the huge cedars, ferns and lacy moss draped across the branches. Every ten feet or so we saw different mushrooms, white, beige, brown, yellow,some flat topped, some spotted or frilly edged. So many bracket fungus clung to the undersides of ancient branches.

Our weather has been amazing with chilly mornings warming to sunny days and cloudless blue skies. Yesterday we were awakened with the sounds of barking seals. Just off our beach was a "raft" of stellar sea-lions.

There were about 30 of them floating together with their heads and fins up, soaking in the sun. A guard seal swam at each end of the line of seals. We learned that this is a common method used by the sealions to warm themselves. In the afternoon we were outfitted in our michelin-man-like survival suits and boarded Jamies Whalewatching zodiac at Tofino. We were the only passengers and thus had a private tour. Our skipper Brandon gave us an exhilarting ride across huge breakers. We were lucky to see three gray whales
blow, roll and dive. One rocky island way out in the ocean was covered in more beige and pink-toned stellar sea lions basking in the sun, a real treat to see. The highlight was viewing a "raft" of about 30 sea otters. The group split up when they saw us, the shy ones swam off a ways and the curious lay on their backs and stretched up their heads to check us out. We also saw some bald eagles and an eagle's nest as we neared the harbour after our three hour adventure. Stopped at the Tofino Brewing Company to pick up some celebration libation. They only sell their beer in big jugs called growlers. So we have been drinking beer non-stop.


  1. Loving the written word, but where is the photographic evidence?? :) This all sounds so amazing!!

  2. Soon Lizzie soon, problem is we have too many bloody images to choose from.