Thursday, 27 October 2011

Travelling Day

Its a sad day for Caron and I. Today we leave Tofino and head back east to the Nanimo area this time, and maybe Victoria later. We have an appointment at 8am Friday at Island Freightliner for an oil change and some other maintenance items on the chassis of CC.
We are just going to have a lazy morning and hit the road around noon and mosy back up the Pacific Rim hwy,  as its the only road back to the east coast of the island, then down Hwy 19 to the Nanimo area. Its about a 4hr trip, which is plenty of driving for one day. Our plan is to do the Walmart parking lot thing as we will be just a mile from Island Freightliner and can make a quick departure in the AM.
After we drop CC off we are going to try and visit Jeans brother in Fanny Bay, where he has an oyster farm. And hopefully tours with free samples.
Then we will have to think about the next stage of our journey. That is pointing CC south to the balmy climes of California.
The pacific tides here, the last 2 evenings, have been amazing. At low tide the water is about 15 ft lower than high tide and the islands (above photo) about a quarter mile off shore, are exposed to the seabed. We wander out there and explore the face of the island and surrounding rocks for sea-life. Starfish, anemones, hermit crabs, mussels, barnacles and other unnamed creatures that cling to the rocks waiting for the tide to come back.
Another wrench in our traveling works is a stop at a Tiffin RV dealer in Eugene OR to get some roof panels replaced. Its a 3 day procedure to replace them and do some other warranty work on CC also like replace the front jacks, reset the leveling system and repair the microwave oven. After that we have an appointment to have some solar panels installed on the roof at a nearby shop that specializes in RV solar panel installations.
If it ain't one thing its another.
More to come...


  1. aaahhhh, photos ...whew, thanks:)...what an amazing trip you guys are having!! it just me or are you having an awful lot of ongoing probs with CC...considering it's IS new, right?....i sure hope that it starts behaving for y'all..enjoy the small moments..:) fr."M" and me, natch

  2. hi wends
    naw just an oil change today and some filters...diesels are great but costs for maintenance are over the top. This sucker takes 16 litres of oil...ouch...
    The systems are complicated enough sitting still start driving them around over bumpy roads etc and stuff breaks. Luckily most of the rig is under warranty for a few more years.

  3. btw darling where are the shots of yer Prague trip....Hmmmmmm????

  4. they're still in the site that i sent the link to you awhile back :):)...i'll send it AGAIN :):)
    ...aahhh sin bars

  5. That first photo is just amazing!!! Just catching up on blog after a week of our own beachcombing in California. We have recommendations for you guys! Hope all is well!