Friday, 21 October 2011

As far west as we can drive!

October 19 we drove across the island to the West Coast. Found ourselves again facing the ocean but this time through a few pine trees about 15' above an amazing sand beach with waves crashing in. Spent most of Thursday, combing "our beach" at Bella Pacifica campground and Long Beach, just south of here offering
the longest stretch of sand beach on Vancouver Island's west coast. We had a grand day, warm and sunny,
taking in the views, the piles of seaweed in all shapes and colours, some being nibbled on by a "murder
of crows." Explored a cove, water filled at high tide but rich with barnacle-covered rocks, pools with tiny fish and cliffs studded with mussel colonies and star fish. We also poked (gently of course) at various sea urchins some bright green, some black and some beige and orange. They protested by squirting out a bit of sea water at us or shrank down a size or two.  A few sandpipers dashed along the edge of the surf and Dixie  "feebly" attempted to catch them. The sound of the surf is hypnotic and great to hear day and night. It speaks to some primordial place in the brain a place where dreams come from. Watched some surfers wait for waves and attempt to ride a ways to shore. The surf was not too cooperative. There is a rich surf culture here, with colourful surf board shops and shacks offering surfing lessons. We've seen folks riding their bikes to the beach with surfboards mounted on special racks beside them. Tofino, a fishing and surfing town just
north of here is a quaint harbour village with a few art galleries, restaurants and a bay filled with float planes, whale watching tour boats and fihing rigs. It has a gorgeous setting with small islands and mountains that rise across the bay opposite the town.

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