Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fresh & Local is Best

Restaurateurs out here are really big on FRESH and LOCAL. We have had fabulous meals where the
veggies, fish or meat, breads and wine or beer are acquired from local folk. It really makes a difference
and our meals of seafood pasta, bouillabaisse and scallops and local greens were scrumptious!!!!

We have enjoyed many dock walks beside fishing boats, tugs and sailboats chatting with local fishermen
and snapping photos of crab baskets, fishing boats and masts. Many towns have totems or local wood carvings adorning their parks, some exquisite and some pathetically below folk art status. Interesting nonetheless.

Good omen, we thought... bald eagle sitting on the post just outside CC on the morning we were heading south to Parksville. A series of little annoyances followed.....GPS took us two hours out of our way; we realized that our credit card was back in a Comox "Staples" photocopier and had to return to get it back; sunglasses pick-up in Victoria foiled by the arms breaking while being adjusted to fit tight; goats on the roof tourist market had put the goats into their barns for the season. Mumma said there'd be days like this! So much for good omens!

Today we made is as far west as we can drive. We are parked near Tofino on Vancouver Island's west coast looking over a beach at the Pacific Ocean! Woo! Hoo! More tales and lots of photos to follow!


  1. Stop with all the fresh local food talk . . . can't stand it!!!! :) Glad you got your credit card back!

  2. good thing the credit card fiasco didn't make you late for work...oh yeah! NO WORK!! :)..sounds great anyway...maybe the eagle was 'someone' saying hello, and that they were fine...jes sayin...