Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hope we're not on the "Walmart People" website!

Leaving Tofino was sad and also a lot of work! Rain each night and many wind storms had left CC's roof, window ledges and slides filled with leaves and pine needles.  Inside, a combination of needles, sand and forest floor had been tracked everywhere by the three of us.  Each time we leave a site, we have a closing up routine but this took twice as long here.  Chris has to go up on the roof and sweep everything away; good thing he's been up a ladder or two in the past!

The road away from the coast is narrow, curvy and zig zags above rivers and lakes.  The giant maples have turned golden since we drove through last week and appear to glow with their own light source among the deep green conifers on the mountainsides.  In the high motorhome, we often came within inches of the mountain cliffs. Ayekaiaye!  We stopped for a hike in the wondrous "Cathedral Grove"; Vancouver's largest stand of huge Douglas Fir Trees.  One was over 800 years old.  Cameras can't capture the immense size of these beauties. You have to stand beneath them to let the emotion engulf the soul!

If you did not know before, you will know now that many Walmart stores allow overnight parking for RV's.
We thought that we may need to use one if all the parks in a particular area were full.  We decided that for our plans last week thatWalmart was the perfect fit.  We needed to take CC in for an oil change first thing in the morning and were ready to park later in the need for hookups or a great view.  We had a quiet night and woke up to see that another RVer had parked behind us!

Spent the rainy day in Victoria doing errands.  The sun joined us for a walk around the town and docks of the quaint town on Cowichan Bay.  Many residents live in funky floating homes along the wharf next to surfing schools and fishing boats.  Enjoyed the fall colours along the shore, sealions calling from the breakwall, and window-shopping the art boutiques and seafood restaurants.  Gardens here are showing signs of decay but Japanese maples glow red, triple-sized pampass grass wave in the breeze and holly trees filled with red berries remind us that "that holiday" is just around the corner.

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